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ESET Launches Redesigned Business Product Line Globally

2015-02-25 22:45

The business product range for ESET security solutions has been released by the company on Wednesday to all regions of the world, promising better usability, performance and management.

The new line of products has been available in North America since December 2014. These include Remote Administrator, Endpoint Security for Windows, OS X and Android, Antivirus for Windows and OS X, and File Security for Microsoft Windows Server.

New set of protection and management features

Among the new features offered in the new versions of the business products there is Botnet Protection, Exploit Blocker, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Theft.

One of the most important solutions released by the company for businesses is version 6 of the Remote Administrator component, which has been rebuilt and features a new web console that provides a clear overview of the entire network and in-depth data visualization capabilities.

Due to the integrated task management system administrators have the possibility to allow actions to be carried out automatically based on dynamic group membership defined in Active Directory.

An independent agent installed on managed endpoints is able to enforce the policies, tasks and events even if there is no connectivity with the Remote Administrator.

On Endpoint Security for Windows now there are new detection techniques through Exploit Blocker and Advanced Memory Scanner features.

The first one is designed to strengthen the security of commonly exploited programs, such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients or Microsoft Office components.

The purpose of Advanced Memory Scanner is to check the activity of malicious processes and scan them the moment they are loaded into the memory of the computer, where obfuscation and evasion techniques are no longer preventing analysis.

ESET builds solutions based on customer needs

The development process relied on research on the business user in order to pinpoint the needs created by the modern technological environment, regardless of the software platform the systems run on.

Richard Marko, ESET CEO, says that “with the digital revolution having changed the operational landscape so fundamentally, we wanted to go back to basics and really understand what our customers need to grow their businesses today and in the foreseeable future.”

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