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AirWatch Multiple Direct Object References

2015-01-29 06:00
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AirWatch Multiple Direct Object References

Affected Versions: AirWatch by VMware Cloud Console
AirWatch by VMware on-premise 7.3.x.x prior to (FP3)

CVE Number: CVE-2014-8372

| Description |

Multiple direct object reference vulnerabilities were found within the
AirWatch cloud console. VMWare advised that these issues also affect
on-premise AirWatch deployments. A malicious AirWatch user may leverage
several direct object references to gain access to information regarding other
AirWatch customers using the AirWatch cloud. This includes viewing groups and
downloading private APKs belonging to other organisations.

| Exploitation |

Detailed exploitation information is available in the PDF version of this
advisory, available at http://www.security-assessment.com

| Solution |

The AirWatch cloud based solution has been patched by VMware. The on-premises
deployment was also susceptible to the above attacks. On-premises users should
update to the latest version of AirWatch. VMware have published a detailed
advisory, including patch and mitigation information, at the following URL:


| Disclosure Timeline |

29/10/2014 - Initial email to AirWatch support staff.
03/11/2014 - Advisory released to AirWatch
05/11/2014 - Advisory acknowledged by VMWare Security Response Center, advised cloud solution will be patched
within 48 hours.
10/12/2014 - VMWare releases patch and advisory.
29/01/2015 - Release of this document.

| About Security-Assessment.com |

Security-Assessment.com is Australasia's leading team of Information Security
consultants specialising in providing high quality Information Security
services to clients throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our clients include
some of the largest globally recognised companies in areas such as finance,
telecommunications, broadcasting, legal and government. Our aim is to provide
the very best independent advice and a high level of technical expertise while
creating long and lasting professional relationships with our clients.

Security-Assessment.com is committed to security research and development,
and its team continues to identify and responsibly publish vulnerabilities
in public and private software vendor's products. Members of the
Security-Assessment.com R&D team are globally recognised through their release
of whitepapers and presentations related to new security research.

For further information on this issue or any of our service offerings,
contact us:

Web www.security-assessment.com
Email info () security-assessment com
Phone +64 4 470 1650

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