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NGFW: Make the Claim and Prove It

2015-01-23 19:40

Last year we launched McAfee Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). Simply put, it’s been a game-changer and another significant milestone in strengthening network security through a powerful combination of integrated technologies built upon our security platform. McAfee, part of Intel Security, has consistently demonstrated the leadership and vision that lies at the core of helping customers navigate the escalating threat landscape.

But leaders are only as effective as their teams and the value they provide by working together.

In the last half of 2014 I discussed with many of you the importance of thinking big. As we begin a new year, I want to draw your attention to recent industry reports that have validated our approach thus far and demonstrated that big thinking—and doing so as a team—does indeed differentiate McAfee and your business in the marketplace.

Thinking big delivers tangible results for our customers by empowering them with the tools they need to outmaneuver attackers with even greater ease and precision.

Take a look at the reports below and share with your prospects and customers. The reports do the talking, but I want you to as well. Keep demonstrating the value of NGFW as a critical component of our threat defense ecosystem.

In October, IDC released their white paper, “Calculating the Business Value of Next Generation Firewall.” Organizations using McAfee NGFW are achieving significant IT and business benefits, including improved customer experience, increased productivity, and enhanced business agility.

A few compelling McAfee NGFW business highlights include an 84 percent improvement in event response time, 94 percent decrease in security-related downtime, and a five-year ROI of 527 percent. And the list goes on.

Also in October, Miercom released “Throughput and Scalability Report: McAfee NGFW 5206, v5.8,” awarding McAfee the Performance Verified Certification for the impressive throughputs delivered by the McAfee NGFW.

Tests show that the McAfee NGFW outperformed competing products in its class. Additionally, Miercom called out our NGFW’s unique ability to cluster multiple units, up to 16, for environments requiring incrementally greater aggregate throughput. Take a look and share with all audiences, especially technical decision makers.

Finally, McAfee asked the best security experts in the industry to talk about Network Performance and the Security Trade-off. They spoke up, and the intelligence gleaned is telling.

Many organizations disable certain firewall functions for the sake of increased network performance, but it¹s hardly a risk worth taking, even when 44 percent  of IT professionals agreed or strongly agreed that their organization must make trade-offs between network performance and security.

The business decision to reduce firewall effectiveness puts companies at risk—and those responsible for the security of their networks know it. But with McAfee NGFW, this is no longer necessary. Download our “What’s Next: Industry Experts Speak Out: The Network Performance and Security Trade-Off” report and understand why.

We’ve been thinking big and we’ll continue to do so throughout the year. We’re making the case, so use the reports to validate our claims. Enjoy the reads.

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