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Haiti Or Bust - The 2015 Fortinet Global Partner Conference

2015-01-05 21:20

Haiti may not be at the top of everyone’s dream vacation destinations, but attendees at this year’s Global Partner Conference can expect one heck of an experience.

For 4 days next week, I’ll be joining hundreds of Fortinet partners on a cruise to Haiti. Yes, it’s going to be warm and sunny. As the January cold really sets in for most of the world, I’ll be applying sunscreen. Sorry. But it isn’t going to be all fun in the sun. The Fortinet product portfolio is extensive and the capabilities of our products are deep, to say the least. The 2015 Global Partner Conference is an opportunity to share the latest products and provide in-depth training to our partners so that they can continue delivering outstanding security appliances, software, and services to their customers.

Fortinet is 100% channel - We rely on our partners to design highly effective solutions with exceptional performance. Truth be told, we could spend much more than four days on training alone. It isn’t that deploying and administering Fortinet products is a wildly complicated endeavor. But Fortinet gear does a lot. Frankly, there’s a lot to learn, no matter how intuitive we make the user interfaces and management utilities.

More than that, it’s important that our partners understand the Fortinet approach - the interplay of hardware, software, research on threats and malware, and the aggregation of extensive threat intelligence. This all ties in to the ways in which our partners market themselves and design solutions for their clients, whether they are helping small retailers achieve PCI compliance, ensuring hospitals are HIPAA compliant, or putting together carrier solutions for telecoms.

So while you might be envisioning free-flowing rum drinks and exotic meals, we’ve assembled a series of sessions for the conference that range from VAR and MSSP marketing best practices to breakouts on the details of our next generation firewalls and sandboxing appliances for advanced threat protection. FortiGuard Labs researchers will be talking about the latest advanced persistent threats, product managers will be diving deep into software configuration, and the latest trends in application security will all be on the agenda. Honestly, our partners are going to need a rum drink or two after the days we have planned for them.

I’m not trying to garner sympathy here for our gruelling days on a cruise in the Caribbean while temperatures bottom out in much of North America. That might be a bit of a lost cause. But information security has never been so critical as it is today. As our CFO, Drew Del Matto, pointed out in a recent article he wrote for <re/code>,

“2014 needs to be a wake-up call for businesses and individuals alike...What we’re finding very quickly is that no one is immune, whether the attack is an advanced hack against a multinational corporation or a ransomware infection in a small business.”

The 2015 Global Partner Conference is all about giving our partners the very best tools to protect their clients in an increasingly dangerous, interconnected world. If a few folks come back with a tan, well, that’s just gravy.

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