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How to Protect Yourself (& your family) against Identity Theft During the Holidays

2019-12-24 05:05

How to Protect Yourself (& your family) against Identity Theft During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for bringing thefamily together and for taking some time off work. But truth be told, the worlddoes not stop during the holidays, and people still need to work on importantand urgent matters. In fact, 53% of working people work remotely during theholidays, with 30% of which do so several times a day, according to this poll.

Working remotely can increase the risk offalling victim to cyber threats, such as identity theft, in a multitude of ways.In addition to working remotely, last-minute shopping, and mostimportantly—being distracted—pose the greatest risk to people during theholiday season.

Here are 3 ways to protect yourself and your loved ones during the holidays:

1. Use only safe networks or a VPN when traveling

Airportsget extra busy during the holidays, leading to long delays and lots of time tokill. Many people find it to be the best time to take out their smartphone orlaptop to play games, check their social media, flight information, emails,etc., all of which require an internet connection. As signals on the networktend to be unexceptionally low,  manyconnect to the airport’s Wi-Fi, which is relatively easy for hackers topenetrate. To protect your information when traveling, use a VPN, or get ZoneAlarmExtreme Security, which includes mobile security to make sure yourconnection is always protected.  

2. Last-minute shopping? Nice and slow is the way to go!

You’ve done it again. You just couldn’t figure out what to get your nieces and nephews who have everything you can possibly think of, and now you’re in a rush to get that last-minute shopping done. With that pressure, you are more susceptible to losing focus of what a fishy email or website may look like. However, this is the time to be more focused and careful than ever. Online scammers increase their efforts as they know shoppers will be mindless and more prone to buy into their scams during this time.

  • Avoid clicking on linksfrom an unknown sender or any links that look suspicious.
  • Visit the retailer’swebsite directly. Phony phishing sites made to look identical to the retailer’ssite are prevalent during this season, so to remove any doubt, just go on knownsites.
  • Before entering payment,search for the “lock” symbol at the top of the webpage, which assures you thewebpage is encrypted and your information is kept safe.
  • Download free anti-phishingbrowser protection, such as ZoneAlarm’s WebSecure Free, which protects you from mistakenly entering dangerous sites.

3. Take care of your computer and mobile phone

Scenario 1: You’re at the airport, you see a charging station so you bring your laptop to charge. You sit nearby and keep eye contact with the laptop every few seconds to make sure it’s still there. A stranger starts talking to you and you dive into a deep conversation. You look at the laptop again, and poof! it’s gone. A stranger now has access to all your information, especially if your laptop isn’t password protected.

Scenario 2: You’re visiting your family, theyinvite everyone they know over, and the house just becomes a train station ofpeople coming in and out. Your phone is laying around, and your 8-year-oldcousin’s son decides to play a game on it. Unknowingly, he may be downloadingmalicious apps that can steal and share your information with cybercriminals.

What you can do to protect your devices from falling into the wrong hands:

  • Keep your devices with you at all times.
  • Password protect all your devices. Use a password that’s hard to figure out.
  • Get two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Protect your wallet when in crowded spaces and shops, and cover your credit card when it’s out.

Still thinking of what to get your family this holiday season? Whatbetter way to show your love than protecting your loved ones? Check out ZoneAlarm family holidayspecials for bundle offers you don’t want to miss!

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