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Hacker Interview @PhantomSquad – Security Affairs

2016-12-27 18:20

Let’s speak with PhantomSquad, one of the most active groups of hackers that was involved in recent attacks against the gaming industry.


You are a talented hacker that is very active online, could you tell me more about you. Could you tell me which his your technical background and when you started hacking?

I was beginning with programming plugins on the game then I started writing Python scripts and doing C# and C++ I was set upping in 2012 botnets like IRC / Telnets I made a self-made source working two years on that.

Which are your motivations?

Helping people, and ask money for some actions like pen testing and scanning the websites.

What was your greatest hacking challenge? Which was your latest hack? Can you describe me it?

My latest hack was I think the website of pewdiepie and DDoSing stream.me with aka aka his new alias Darku I made yesterday the attack: PSN // XBOX // Steam // HackRead

What are the 4 tools that cannot be missed in the hacker’s arsenal and why?

I suggest everyone to make their own tools and scripts using Python, C# (Sharp) and C++.

For my attacks I’m using: a IRC Botnet and my Core members Mirai CnC Phantom Zero

Which are the most interesting hacking communities on the web today, why?

It’s fine to use , it is a great background for everyone.

Did you participate in hacking attacks against the IS propaganda online? When? How? Where do you find IS people to hack?

I was targeting a website, but nothing more

How do you choose your targets?

I choose my targets by asking my friends, YouTubers, and my fans <p><hr/></p>
     <p>Source: <a  href=lmth.rekcah-weivretni-dauqsmotnahp/gnikcah/77745/sserpdrow/oc.sriaffaytiruces

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