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Phantom Squad and PoodleCorp tango down against Steam and Origin Servers

2016-12-23 20:10

The servers of the Steam gaming platform and Origin are down. Phantom Squad and PoodleCorp are claiming responsibility for the attacks.

It’s holiday time and hackers can transform this period in a nightmare for gamers. Two years ago Lizard Squad hackers took down the networks of Sony PSN and Microsoft XBox Live.

Now the notorious Phantom Squad group has claimed responsibility for conducting a series of massive DDoS attacks against the online gaming platform Steam and Origin servers.

According to HackRead, Phantom Squad and one of the members of the PoodleCorp hacker crew, @cripthepoodle, are targeting Steam and Origin accounts.

One year ago, Phantom Squad launched several cyber attacks against Electronic Arts and Steam last year. PoodleCorp hacker group became famous due to a long string of attacks against gaming communities, including Blizzard, EA, GTA, PlayStation, PokemonGo, and League of Legends.

At the time I was writing, both companies haven’t confirmed the attacks against their systems. Some users are reporting problems to both via Twitter.

Below one of the numerous tweets from affected users:

The Down Detector service that provides information about the status of services confirmed that both EA and Steam platforms were down at the time I was writing.

The hackers started the DDoS attack on Steam servers causing serious problems to the gaming servers across the world. Steam operates about 17 regional servers, all its activities including the Steam community and the Steam Store are down, this means that users are not able to buy Steam games for Christmas.

steam status

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Steam services are back up now

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Phantom Squad, hacking)

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