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‘In Security’ Web Comic, Episode 004: The Twelve Days of Christmas

2016-12-23 19:05

Welcome to “In Security,” the web comic that takes a lighter look at the dark wave of threats crashing across business networks, endpoints, data and users. Get acquainted with the team and catch up by reading Episode 001, Episode 002 and Episode 003.

The 12 Days of Getting Hacked comic (or cartoon). The Every App team sings along to a Christmas carol about security.

Valuable Lessons From 2016

That’s all folks. Thank you for keeping up with “In Security” and joining the EveryApp team over the past five months in its journey to pummel the prettifying paws of the Pandapocalypse pandemic. While no security journey is ever complete, the team — and, we hope, all of you — learned some very valuable foundational lessons.

Traditional IT roles are changing. IT professionals, once simple builders of information gateways, must now also thwart the barbarians looking to break down those gates. Every step forward in data sharing will now encounter forces looking to capture or misuse that information.

Happy Holidays From ‘In Security’

The EveryApp crew sought refuge and protection from cyberthreats with IBM Services at our new X-Force Command Center. With IBM at its side, the team has stopped the Grinch from creating holiday havoc and now stand fortified for the new year ahead — a year in which many analysts expect unprecedented cyberattacks of crippling magnitude to hit corporations.

Stay safe this holiday season with IBM’s new ransomware report, which detailed how these security threats are expected to grow in 2017.

Download the latest ransomware report from IBM X-Force

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