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Online Event Today: Security Operations Summit

2022-12-06 10:30

Security Operations Summit - Virtual Event

You're invited to join us today (12/6) for SecurityWeek's 2022 Security Operations Summit, an immersive online event that will offer insights and strategies to maximize the efficiency of enterprise security operations centers (SOCs).

The event will address common security operations challenges and demonstrate how efficient workflow and collaboration can lead to improved decision making throughout the threat detection, analysis and incident response processes.

Topics on the agenda include:


Approaching Security With an Identity-First Mindset


Top SOC Challenges in 2022


The Atomized Network Evolution


Learn and Build Agile Prepared Security Operations Teams


Fireside Chat: Guillaume Ross, Head of Security, FleetDM


Deploying Passwordless Authentication with Okta


Automation for People Who Are Too Busy to Automate


Full virtual expo and technical resources and online networking

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