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Mingis on Tech: Hackable health records, bold predictions for 2016

2015-12-30 02:30

Welcome to Mingis on Tech, Computerworld's new video podcast on IT-related news you can use.

In this second episode, Executive News Editor Ken Mingis sits down with Computerworld senior writer Lucas Mearian and senior features editor Tracy Mayor to discuss the sorry state of medical records security -- up to one third of all personal health files are expected to be breached in 2016.

Also on the docket: As part of Computerworld's Forecast 2016 special report, we asked IT leaders to share their boldest predictions for IT in the year ahead. From a catastrophic cloud meltdown to the rising singularity, Ken and companions cover the most out-there prognostications and toss in a few of their own.

For an audio podcast only, play or download the file below.

Happy listening, and please, send feedback or suggestions for future topics to us. We'd love to hear from you.

This story, "Mingis on Tech: Hackable health records, bold predictions for 2016" was originally published by Computerworld.


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