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Joecrypter finally released

2015-12-22 05:10

Finally, I’m done with this my crypter. I’ve written the entire thing in a mish mash of C#, C, and assembly.


The crypter I made modifies exes, packs them, and adds AV / VM / Sandbox / debugging evasions inside of a wrapper. I’m employing a basic process hollowing technique for the payload that is only run after all evasions are satisfied. The anti-debug modules include anti-single stepping as well as anti-tracing. I can even detect procmon without checking the process list.

The front end is in C# and that performs the rudimentary exe modifications and packing, however the real meat and potatoes is in the back end. The back-end compiler is Pelles C compiler and the evasions are coded in C and assembly. The payload is loaded in as a resource and is encrypted (decrypted at run-time).

I got a theme too as well as music that plays in the background.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

Source: /desaeler-yllanif-retpyrceoj/21/5102/golb/moc.cesnorig.www

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