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John McAffee Joins Everykey, Passwordless Authentication System

2015-12-08 07:50

John McAffee, Founder of the McAffee antivirus company, has pledged his support for the Everykey project, a passwordless authentication system that's selling hardware-based keychains that automatically authenticate and unlock your devices when you get near them.

Everykey, launched in October 2014, was a successfully funded Kickstarter project that produced wristbands that automatically read an internal keychain (username & password database) and authenticated the user on nearby devices.

With so many smart devices lying around and with so many passwords to remember for each one, the Everykey project was a success from the get-go.

Now, John McAffee has joined forces with Everykey, and they're now promoting their most recent project, an Indiegogo campaign that's trying to fund a new version of the Everykey device, a thumb-sized, Bluetooth-powered key ring, which can be easily carried around, as an alternative to the larger wristband.

The device boasts military-grade AES 128-bit encryption, spoof protection, and remote locking in case it is lost or stolen.

Just like its predecessor, the small Everykey key ring is cross-platform and cross-browser supported and works on desktops, mobiles, cars, and various other smart IoT devices.

The device has a range up to 3 meters (10 feet), ensures automatic, over-the-air firmware updates, and is water-resistant.

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