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Anonymous Hacks Thai Police, #OpSingleGateway Still Alive

2015-12-02 07:10

Anonymous activists have breached the servers of Thailand's police, stolen and then leaked private information about its officers and some of its evidence. This attack is part of the group's long-lasting #OpSingleGateway campaign.

Operation Single Gateway, or #OpSingleGateway, is a coordinated series of cyber-attacks, all with the purpose of drawing national and international attention to the Thai's government Internet censorship plans.

For months, Thailand has been preparing to funnel all the country's Internet connections through one single Internet gateway. Recent proposals have the government putting this gateway server into the hands of CAT, a state-sponsored ISP.

Anonymous is trying to prevent Internet censorship in Thailand

According to previous statements on this topic, Anonymous has come out in support of the Thai people because the group perceives the government's single Internet gateway plan as a method of replicating China's infamous Great Firewall structure.

Anonymous and the government's detractors claim that, by implementing a single gateway Internet mainframe, the government, via the CAT dummy-company, will be in full control of the country's Internet traffic. This means they can easily filter it or spy on its citizens.

As a response, Anonymous, together with F5CyberArmy, launched a series of DDoS attacks on government sites at the start of October.

At the end of October, Anonymous returned and launched a second series of more powerful DDoS attacks on the website of CAT Telecom. During this incident, the hackers also managed to steal data on the single gateway Internet access plan, which they made public.

New attacks part of the #OpSingleGateway operation

During the past weekend, Anonymous hackers resumed their attacks on Thai government websites, and this time around, they managed to steal data from the Thai police servers, which they uploaded on a text-sharing site (password-protected).

We haven't been able to find the password anywhere, but reporters from Hacked validated the data (see screenshot below).

The data was also accompanied by a statement from the hacktivists, which mocked some of the Thai police officers.

"To prove our point we are demonstrating the inability of the Thai government to secure even their own police servers, it is pitiful and should worry all of Thailand," reads the statement. "Your police are protecting their files with passwords like 12345; it would be funny if it weren't so sad."

While the Thai government won't be deterred by these cyber-attacks or the data leaks, public opinion in Thailand and abroad is growing, and this may be exactly what Anonymous wanted.

Data dump from hacked Thai police servers
Data dump from hacked Thai police servers

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