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Third Time’s The Charm: Third attempt and I finally got into SecureLayer7

2020-12-11 06:25

Let’s Start with Who am I. Myself Barunesh Kumar Singh Graduated in 2020 in CSE from PESIT Bangalore, and I came across SecureLayer7 through a security consultant job post on Twitter.

Before getting selected for an Internship as a Security Consultant in Securelayer7, I applied twice for some cybersecurity jobs but got rejected for at that time I was in college and the security consultant job requirement was to join on an immediate basis at Pune Location. Since I was studying in Bangalore, it was not feasible at that point in time, but for the third time, I had completed my college and applied again.

This time the process was the same as previous; solve the CTF for the recruitment followed by Technical Interviews. Since I had a good score previously, I was directly called for the Interview and the Interview was taken by few finest Security Consultants of the SecureLayer7. All went well all the way and I finally got a call from the HR Team that I was selected for the Intern Security Consultant job profile in the company.

And the journey begins here…

In my initial days of working with SecureLayer7, since I was a fresher, I didn’t have much hands-on experience with pentesting real-world applications. I got to learn a lot from my managers and colleagues. Everyone was very friendly and ready to help me out whenever I came across any difficulty. It was a very great time where I learned a lot from the SecureLayer7 family.

I joined as a web security guy but the opportunities that one can acquire with SecureLayer7 are something outstanding! Within my 3 months of Internship, I got to enhance my skills in API security and much more.

All thanks go to the entire SecureLayer7 family for giving me this opportunity to explore and my managers for helping me out at various stages of the cybersecurity project and also my colleagues for helping me to learn new tech things.

Getting around to the end, I just want to say that I joined the SecureLayer7 family with my little knowledge in the field of Cybersecurity and came out as the guy who learned new technologies in the short span of time and the challenges that are there in the real-world application.

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