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Pro-ISIS Group Hacks US Veterans Services Website in Wisconsin

2015-11-28 12:45

Team System Dz, a hacking crew supporting the ISIS cause, has defaced three websites of local authorities and organizations in Richland County, Wisconsin, USA, as HackRead reports.

The three websites are for the Richland County Veterans Services Office, Richland County Emergency Management, and Richland County Recycling.

All websites have been defaced with the same message, saying, "I love you Islamic State & Jihad, Islamic State remain and expand, God willing, We will restore the dignity of Muslims, Glory will return to Islam, The dispute will return to outdated, Be prepared."

By the hashtags they group used, #OpUSA, #OpIl, #OpRu, #OpFr, and #OpIr, this latest action seems to be a direct answer to Anonymous' #OpISIS campaign.

Prior to this incident, Team System Dz was proclaiming to be part of Anonymous, still displaying the Guy Fawkes mask on their Facebook page. It is safe to say that they're not anymore. Team System Dz is a hacking crew based in Algeria.

Earlier this year, the same group also defaced websites for the University of Toronto, Isle of Wight, Virginia, and a Rhode Island high school, which the FBI started an investigation for. Additionally, they also took down the website of the Richland County Sheriffs Department.

With so many targets in Richard County, it may be possible that all these websites have a common configuration flaw, which Team System Dz is exploiting.

Mirrors of all defaced websites are available via the Zone-H.org service:

●      Richland County Veterans Services Office

●      Richland County Emergency Management

●      Richland County Recycling

Message left on defaced websites
Message left on defaced websites

Source: WYyVGdlZXLzVXLzt2YhhWLwV3bydWLzl2cp1ybyB3LzdXZu9SbvNmLhlGZlBHdm92cuM3dl52LvoDc0RHa/ca.ssr.dps

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