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Hackers Who Hit CIA Chief Are Now Going After FBI Deputy Director

2015-11-05 23:30

The group of hackers that hacked the CIA Chief's AOL email two weeks ago have now done the same thing to the FBI Deputy Director, Mark Giuliano, and his wife.

While most of the information is published via one Twitter account (@phphax), the hackers calling themselves CWA (Crackas With Attitude) are actually four teens who previously described themselves as stoners, Muslim, and had taken stances against Israel and pro-Palestine.

According to the hackers' tweets, the recent hack happened during the past week and seemed to have been spurned by the aggressive statements Mr. Giuliano made about catching the hackers and making an example out of them.

The group didn't like his tone, and moved forward to teach him a lesson instead.

CWA hacked into Giuliano's and his wife's AOL email accounts, from where they extracted personal information.

The group's leader, the hacker known as Cracka, also said that they managed to find Mr. Giuliano's personal mobile number in the AOL account's address book, which they used to call him.

Mr. Giuliano answered the phone but was not amused. Cracka quoted Giuliano as saying, "I don't know you but you better watch your back."

Vice contacted the FBI, which declined to comment on this incident, answering in typical FBI fashion by neither confirming nor denying the hack took place.

CWA hacks FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano
CWA hacks FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano

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