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Webinar Cybersecurity CISO: Attack and Defend Active Directory Security Vulnerabilities

2020-11-20 07:37


Microsoft Active Directory (AD) offers directory services for corporations that make use of Windows Server. Based at the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), AD offers quite a number of functions of the directory, which includes centralized area control and Identity and Access Management (IAM). AD is much less the same old IAM answer in groups of all sizes. So it ought to be no marvel or stunner that an extensively followed device like AD is so much of an alluring goal for malicious actors.

SecureLayer7 is hosting their upcoming webinar on Cybersecurity CISO: Attack and Defend Active Directory Security Vulnerabilities which will be inclusive of key takeaways such as:


  • Why AD presents a target-rich environment: The reasons why AD can become an environment where it is quite easy for hackers to make a target.
  • Common AD attack vectors: The most frequent and customary vector that causes the AD attacks will be enlisted.
  • Strong security policies and practices that enhance AD protection: Security policies and some standard practices that are suggested and practised by experts themselves will be discussed.
  • How to identify and fix security gaps through an effective AD audit: The right way into an AD audit that will come in handy to zero down and fix the vulnerabilities that exist.


This webinar is designed for security professionals, network administrators, CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs. Both technology management professionals and mid-level IT professionals will gain more insights on choosing the appropriate vendors for performing Penetration Testing for their organizations.


SecureLayer7 is a cybersecurity solution provider with the vision of securing digital businesses using our world-class security expert team. Our experts uncover the security issues in a different area of digital businesses with cost-effective and quality-controlled services.

SecureLayer7 is CERT-in accredited cybersecurity company and certified security consultants, we consult business of all size across the United States of America, Europe, UK, Middle-east, and East Asia in both public and private companies. Unlike most cybersecurity firms, SecureLayer7 combines the best in-house developed automated solutions with an extensive manual security testing methodology based on multiple industry-tested and case-specific solutions.


Mr. Dhiyanesh Selvaraj

Security Conslutant

When the world relies on technology for every aspect of life, safety in the virtual world becomes quite essential. As a security consultant at SecureLayer7, Dhiyanesh makes sure that you stay safe from all the prying eyes in the virtual world. Being a techie by heart, he dexterously tracks exploitable vulnerabilities & removes risks to ensure your systems are safe. Dhiyanesh’s subjects of prowess include Experience in Active Directory Exploitation, Network, Web and Mobile, API, Kubernetes Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

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