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BSides Detroit 2018 Videos

2019-10-18 11:20
 BSides Detroit 2018 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides Detroit 2018 Videos

These are the videos from the BSides Detroit 2017 Conference.  Thanks to Ryan Harp (@th3b00st), Dan Falk (@dnfalk), Wolfgang Goerlich (@jwgoerlich), Matt Johnson (@mwjcomputing), Kyle Andrus (@chaoticflaws), Kate Vajda (@vajkat) and Chris Maddalena (@cmaddalena) for having me out and Samuel Bradstreet (@TeaPartyTechie), Leah Bradstreet,  Xavier Johnson, Ali Faraj, Camilla Martins, Ben Valentine, James Green, David Sornig, Steven Balagna,  Nick Papa, Lucas Gorczyca, J Parker Galbraith and others I may forget for helping to record.


Yes, You're an Impostor; now get back to work
Johnny Xmas

GRC – "What Would You Say You Do Here?"
Brian Martinez

Protecting Phalanges from Processor Pressure Points
Matthew Clapham

A Reporter's Look at OSINT
Hilary Louise
(Sorry, mic was off, buthere is a longer version from GrrCon)

Nowhere to hide
Lucas Gorczyca

Know the Enemy - How to make threat intelligence work!
Nir Yosha

Hack like a Gopher
Kent Gruber

@taco_pirate's Art of Woo
Ben Carroll

Saving All the Money to Buy All the Booze: Learning to Hack All the Things on a Budget
Michael Morgese

Practical Incident Response in Heterogenous Environment
Kevin Murphy & Stefano Maccaglia

Security KPIs - Measuring Improvement in Your Security Program
Steven Aiello

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