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Securing the Modern Endpoint the SANS Maturity Way

2017-10-30 17:15

In Case You Missed It

Bromium recently engaged in a series of communications and events on the topic of Securing the Modern Endpoint, covering timely and provocative concepts including:

  • How detection consistently fails to secure the enterprise and why new thinking is desperately needed
  • How to realign your defenses around a modern threat risk model using fewer but smarter layers
  • How to take your first steps toward improved protective outcomes using virtualization-based security

The Application is the Endpoint

We posted a blog and hosted an interactive webinar where we made the critical case for new thinking to drive improved security outcomes against ever-changing advanced threats that relentlessly target enterprises in every industry. We showed you how many vulnerable application “endpoints” you really have on each physical PC and how detection-based defenses have utterly failed in their fundamental responsibilities of keeping malware out of the enterprise. Finally, we demonstrated how to realign your defenses around the SANS Endpoint Security Maturity Model and leverage virtualization-based security to solve for the highest threat levels using application isolation and control.

Key Takeaways

  • Detection is no longer sufficient for defense
  • Applications are the persistent attack vectors
  • New threats require new tools and new thinking
  • Align your defenses to a modern threat risk model
  • Focus on fewer but smarter layers that reduce attack surface
  • Use virtualization-based security with isolation to solve the toughest threats

Get Started Today

Take the first step on your road to virtualization-based security with these brand-new resources from Bromium:

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