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ATM Machine Malware Sold on Dark Web

2017-10-21 23:18
Cybercriminals are advertising ATM malware that's designed to exploit hardware and software vulnerabilities on the cash-dispensing machines.

ATM malware advertisements are making the rounds on the Dark Web, touting capabilities to clean the machines out of cash with hardware and software exploits, Kaspersky Lab announced Tuesday.

For example, one ad posted on the now-defunct AlphaBay Darknet marketplace offered detailed manuals, a list of required equipment, ATM models to target, and tips for operating the malware, Kaspersky notes. The sellers of this kit wanted $5,000.

Buyers were told they could steal all the cash from ATM machines infected with the malware, without having to bother accessing individual accounts and data used by ATM card holders, Kaspersky stated.

The malware works on vendor-specific APIs and was discovered in May by Kaspersky, which noted the assumed development period was June to August 2016.

Read more about the ATM malware here.

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