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Insider Threats To Data Have Gone Up In Past Year

2016-10-04 00:30
Bitglass study on data leak risks to organizations by users reveals careless, unauthorized uses of devices have increased breaches.

A survey on insider leaks by cloud security company Bitglass reveals that one in three organizations interviewed has experienced insider attacks, with 56% saying they have gone up in the past one year.

Privileged users pose the greatest security risk, 60% believed. Carelessness is a greater problem than malice, according to respondents -- 71% experienced "inadvertant leaks" while only 61% attributed attacks to malicious insiders.

A shift to new technologies, like cloud and mobile, has hiked insider risks, says the report, leaving 74% feeling vulnerable. Sixty-two percent said this happens because of untrained users while 57% blamed it on insufficient data protection.

The positive news from the research is that 64% of the organizations can now detect breaches within a week versus 42% last year. While 57% believe insider threats can be reduced by employee training, 52% indicated identity management solutions could help.

For survey details, click here.

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