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How Kids’ Screen Time Interferes with Daily Activities [Infographic]

2015-10-21 19:00

Mobile devices can be used almost anywhere and everywhere. And with the Internet more accessible than ever, kids are now bombarded with ways in which to avoid the real world and sink into the online realm — a challenge for parents that is multiplied exponentially as mobile devices are always-connected.

In many cases, as many parents are well aware, kids' screen time can quickly turn into "scream time" when it's time to put down the device for other activities. As a result, setting screen time limits has become a great concern for parents. But what concerns parents the most about their child's device use? And how exactly does screen time interfere with kids' daily activities?

This infographic takes an in-depth look at a recent Intego survey conducted by Ipsos, where we asked parents how their children's use of mobile phones and tablets interferes with schoolwork, family time, and other daily activities.

Kids Screen Time Interferes with Daily Activities Infographic

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