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Firefox FindMyDevice Critical ClickJacking Security Vulnerability

2015-10-19 22:35
Author Name
Mohamed Abdelbasset Elnouby Abouelwaffa

Contact Details:

Vulnerability Details:
Firefox FindMyDevice Critical ClickJacking Security Vulnerability



Affected URL(s):

PoC Screenshot:
Included as an attachment
For non email receptionist "https://goo.gl/FUkFVm";

In-depth analysis of the Vulnerability:
Regardless The security protection mechanism which is that that attacker
definitely can't guess or brute force the Device id
"8fcXXXXc40de04b3803945XXXXXXXXXX" which is a part of the URL to the
victim's profile to make a successful clickjacking attack iframe, in fact
this protection mechanism is too low coz all the attacker to do is just to
point the logged in user to his iframe source https://find.firefox.com and
Mozilla will care about the rest "redirect the victim to the correct logged
in active device id.

What attacker can do:
1-"Erase the victim's device data" With just only 3 clicks by the victim
himself if he tricked with "click here to win a 50 BTC for Example
2-"Lock The victim device or change his lock code" if it is the first time
to be set "4 clicks"
3-"Makes the Device ringing" 2 clicks"

Expected results:
Find My Device web interface mustn't be iframed Apply XFO or Frame Busting

More Details About clickjacking:
Because of No Frame Busting Techniques or X-Frame-Options header, the whole
website is vulnerable to Clickjacking attacks which could lead to a full
account takeover considering such scenario:
1. Attacker will iframe any sensitive the website page and adjust the
iframe size and add a "divs" as a layers on the unwanted-to-show parts of
the original web page to fool and trick the user.
2. User get tricked by the crafted page and followed the attacker's
instruction to do a specific clicks to the iframed page
3. Unwanted actions happened in the logged in user's session in result to
the attack's clicks.

1- Add an X-Frame-Options HTTP Header and set it's value to "Deny" or
"Sameorigin" as you can see it suitable to mitigate such attacks
2- Use iframe busting techmiques in JS code like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (self === top) {
var antiClickjack = document.getElementById("antiClickjack");
} else {
top.location = 'Your_Website_URL_Here';


<script type="text/javascript">
// Disable frame hijacking
if (top != self)
top.location.href = location.href;

Actual results:
Find My Device web interface is iframable which makes it vulnerable to
ClickJacking Attacks

Original Report: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1100004


*Best Regards**,**,*

*Mohamed Abdelbaset Elnoby*Guru Programmer, Information Security Evangelist
& Bug Bounty Hunter.
<https://www.linkedin.com/in/symbiansymoh>Curriculum Vitae

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