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Retina CS Vulnerability Management Solution Gets Primetime Award for Innovation

2015-10-12 16:20
Posted October 12, 2015   Sandi Green


Earlier this month, we were excited to learn that analyst firm Frost & Sullivan presented BeyondTrust’s Retina CS Vulnerability Management solution with the 2015 award for ‘Best Practices in Enabling Technology Leadership in the Vulnerability Management Industry.’ And just like the Primetime Emmy Awards bestowed by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, it’s an honor to be nominated but an even bigger thrill to win!

In the award paper, Frost & Sullivan provides a thorough overview of the vulnerability management market, explaining how vulnerability management technology complements other security solutions like privileged account management to deliver a complete solution for enterprises. They also outline the award criteria for innovation based on four areas: scan philosophy, reporting, enterprise-grade capabilities and integration with other platforms. BeyondTrust outperformed other vendors in each category.

>>You can read all about it by downloading the paper here.

Our vulnerability management solution, Retina CS helps organizations proactively identify, understand and eliminate vulnerabilities across all layers of IT infrastructures. Our solutions go beyond traditional vulnerability scanning and provide context-aware vulnerability assessment and risk analysis.

With cyber threats and hacks increasing each year, organizations are challenged with protecting their valuable data and assets. For vulnerability management solution providers like BeyondTrust, it means we have to continue to innovate year after year in order to create solutions that protect our customers.

Furthermore, it means we have to continue to think two steps ahead of Cybersecurity threats so that the solutions we build for customers evolve with the times. In fact, our customers have shared stories about why they chose BeyondTrust and how our vulnerability management solutions have helped them manage their business.

Their vote of confidence is the greatest reward of all.

Check out the Frost & Sullivan report today. If you’re interested in learning more about how BeyondTrust is leading the vulnerability management market, contact us!

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