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Cyberspace Global Warming as a duality of Trajectories on cyberpolitics

2015-10-02 09:10

The permanent movement of trajectories on cyberpolitics is transforming political discourse.

Last 29th of September, cybernauts worldwide received a simple twitter from Edward Snowden titled “Can you hear me now?”. It was a cyber experiment with a total of 170 000 followers, by shared 25000 times during an hour.


Trajectories of cyberpolitics  Source: The MIT Press

This simple demonstration on cyberpolitics may confirm that “political discourse via cyber venues consists of a parallel mode of discourse or, alternatively, whether political discourse is assembled first in real venues and then exported or steered toward the cyber domain”.
Moreover, trajectories on cyberpolitics can be related under an interaction of discourse across real and virtual domains, following “cumulative effects” of political behaviour in real institutional contexts.

cyberpolitics 2

Source: El Mundo


In fact, considering what is happening today with Trajectories of cyberpolitics?. There is no reason to create limitations on cyberspace to analyze ‘Cyber Conflict’. From one side, (1) “the overarching interactions between the real and virtual domains of politics and (2) “the connections through cyberspace, the shared venue of interaction” [4].
Finally, Duality of Trajectories on cyberpolitics continues in discussion. Cybernauts must continue thinking new trends on cyberpolitics. Why not, to continue enhancing Bernardo A. Huberman’s contributions on cyber dualities, such as “the Web has become a veritable laboratory, where one can study human behaviour with a precision and on a scale never possible before”.
If cybernauts are interested to transforms cyberspace, there is necessary to consider, ”the articulation and aggregation of interests as vital elements to all forms of politics”. Then, cyber venues as part of dualities “must be seen not only as enablers but also as important multipliers of cyberpolitics” [5].
“Can you hear me now?”

….Maybe, it is part of a new format of political discourse where Cyberspace Global Warming (CSGW) is expecting to transform Internet  in a more decentralised domain: virtual vs. real. Twitting your discourse is part of a new order on cyberpolitics and global trends. If you transmit a positive change on cyberspace, your discourse must be a contribution to build everyday cyber-democracy.

About the Author Francisco Javier Delgado Villarreal

Francisco Javier Delgado Villarreal is a Junior Business Continuity, Cybersecurity and Internet Governance Consultant. His professional experience in Information and Communication Technologies has been developed since 2009 in different arenas, such as International Organizations, Governments and private sector in Ecuador and abroad.

Edited by Pierluigi Paganini

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