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Yubico Launches New Security Key With USB-C and NFC

2021-10-27 10:26

Yubico Security Key C NFC

Yubico on Tuesday announced the launch of Security Key C NFC, a new hardware security key that includes NFC capabilities in a USB-C form factor.

Designed with FIDO-only support, the new authenticator can be used with both desktop and mobile applications, services, and user accounts. Courtesy of NFC support, the security key provides tap-and-go authentication.

The Security Key C NFC is now available for purchase at $29 (€29). For those looking for a USB-A form factor, Yubico has the Security Key NFC available at $25 (€25).

Both of these devices feature support for FIDO U2F and FIDO2/WebAuthn protocols, meaning that the same authenticator can be used across numerous applications. With FIDO-based authentication capabilities, the security keys promise protection against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Security Key C NFC, Yubico says, features support for hundreds of popular websites and applications, including Google (Gmail, YouTube) and Microsoft services (Office 365, Xbox Live), Twitter, Coinbase, Dropbox, and more.

Furthermore, the authenticator supports a large number of password managers, productivity and business applications, and cryptowallets, offering passwordless, two-factor (2FA), and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

In addition to offering highest-grade modern, physical authentication, the new security key is also water and crush-resistant.

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