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Java Key Store (JKS) format is weak and insecure

2017-09-19 16:25

While preparing my talk for the marvelous BSides Zurich I noticed again how nearly nobody on the Internet warns you that Java’s JKS file format is weak and insecure. While users only need to use very strong passwords and keep the Key Store file secret to be on the safe side (for now!), I think it is important to tell people when a technology is weak. People should stop using JKS now, as I predict a very long phase-out period. JKS was around and the default since Java had its first Key Store. Your security relies on a single SHA-1 calculation here.

Please note that I’m not talking about any other Key Store type (BKS, PKCS#12, etc.), but see the cryptosense website for articles about them.

I don’t want to go into the details “why” JKS is insecure, you can read all about it here:

I wrote an email to the Oracle security team, as I think assigning a CVE number would help people to refer to this issue and raise awareness for developers. The timeline so far:

September, 18 2017: Notified Oracle security team via email
September, 18 2017: Generic response that my email was forwarded to the Oracle team that investigates these issues

I’ll update this post to let you know how it goes.

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