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Pippa Middleton private photos stolen in an Apple iCloud hack

2016-09-25 04:10

In what could be another serious celebrity hack, 3,000 photos have been stolen from Pippa Middleton ’s account and they are being offered for sale.

The UK Police is investigating the Pippa Middleton iCloud hack and consequent theft of private photos.

According to The Sun newspaper the stolen photos were offered for sale, it seems that someone had contacted the newspaper asking for £50,000 within 48 hours. The images included shots of the duchess’s children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

“Pippa was horrified last night after a crook tried to sell intimate photos said to have been hacked from her phone.” reported The Sun.

The man contacted The Sun claiming to have 3,000 images of the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, 33. He said snaps included her at a wedding dress fitting and ones of her fiancé nude.”

The Met Police confirmed that inquiries were ongoing and that the authorities haven’t arrested ant suspects until now.

“Police have received a report concerning the alleged hacking of a personal iCloud account. Specialist officers are now investigating.” explained a Met Police spokesman. 

The hacker, calling himself “Crafty Cockney”, claimed to be in possession of private photographs of Pippa Middleton, including her being fitted in a wedding dress and naked snaps of her millionaire fiance James Matthews. In order to prove the authenticity of his claims, the hacker sent via email two photos via email.

The stolen photos also include shots of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate, and brother-in-law Prince William.

The Sun also confirmed that an anonymous person has reportedly tried to sell the stolen photos them via encrypted messaging service WhatsApp.


The Sun confirmed that it had no intention of entering into a deal with the hacker and reported the issue to Pippa Middleton.

“Thank you very much for drawing this to the family’s attention.” said a spokesman for Miss Middleton cited by The Sun. “I can confirm that not only have the lawyers been informed but the police are about to be involved as well.”

Pippa Middleton is the last celebrity in order of time that was the victim of an “iCloud hack,” a long list of VIPs have had images stolen from their iCloud accounts in the Fappening saga.

As usual, it is strongly suggested to use a second factor of authentication for all the services that implement it.

In 2014, Apple introduced a “two-step verification” mechanism to protect iCloud users from such kind of hack. The mechanism leverages on a four-digit code that is either texted to the users’ mobile phone number or sent via Apple’s Find My iPhone app.

Don’t waste time, enable the two-step verification!

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Pippa Middleton,  iCloud hack)

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