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Pirate Bay Co-Founder ‘Anakata’ Free at Last

2015-09-29 15:20

Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg (aka ‘Anakata’) has finally been released from prison following three years behind bars for copyright and hacking offences in Denmark and Sweden.

A brief message on the ‘Free Anakata’ site and a tweet by his mother Kristina confirmed the news yesterday.

In September 2012 the Pirate Bay co-founder was arrested in Phnom Penh and extradited to Sweden to serve a one-year term for his involvement in the infamous file-sharing site.

However, soon after finishing that stretch he was accused of several additional hacking and fraud offences.

Warg was cleared of hacking Nordea bank but was forced to spend a year behind bars for hacking IT services company Logica, in a case which exposed the personal ID numbers of 9,000 Swedes.

He was then extradited to Denmark to face charges there of hacking into the computers of US giant CSC.

Despite support from witnesses including security expert Jacob Applebaum the jury ruled by a majority that he was guilty and sentences him to 42 months.

“This is the largest hacking case to date. The crime is very serious, and this must be reflected in the sentence,” said prosecutor Maria Cingari at the time.

He was released on good behavior from a Danish prison last month and then re-arrested to serve a remaining month of his hacking sentence across the border in Sweden.

Today should finally see Warg a free man with no additional charges hanging over him.

Since his time in jail governments around the world have sought to clamp down on digital piracy, heavily lobbied by the ‘creative’ industries.

However, The Pirate Bay is still sailing the virtual high seas, bypassing ISP blocks thanks to numerous proxy sites and mirrors.

In the meantime, political ‘Pirate Parties’ have sought to win seats in their respective legislative assemblies – most notably in Iceland, where it won three parliamentary seats in the 2013 elections.

Source: /eerf-atakana-rednuofoc-yab-etarip/swen/moc.enizagam-ytirucesofni.www

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