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The InfoSecond, Sept. 14–18: Malvertising, Millennials and More!

2015-09-21 06:25

Ready to catch up on the latest infosec news for this week? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re covering a lot this week, including millennials and cybersecurity, new tactics for malvertising, an update on the evolution of CoreBot, a new (and slightly different) approach to user education, and Apple’s decision to move from 4-digit passcodes to 6-digit passcodes with their mobile devices on iOS 9.

In Case You Missed It

Millennials and Cybersecurity Strategy: Millennials — Are they cybersecurity friends or foes? While these digital natives are great at embracing new technologies, their companies aren’t always prepared and ready for them.

CoreBot Evolution: CoreBot is back and it’s badder than ever, as the malware we warned about just weeks ago has already evolved into a full-fledged banking Trojan, complete with a myriad of new and dangerous malicious abilities.

Malvertising’s New Tactics: Usually, malvertising campaigns take just days to get noticed. This one, however, managed to avoid detection and impact major ad networks, thanks to new tactics.

Practical User Education: Many cyber-attacks on corporations and users are easily preventable, but user education, as clear cut as it may seem, doesn’t always resonate with end users. Sometimes, it may be worth it to take an approach like one would take with a toddler.

6 Digit Passcodes on new iOS: iOS 9 is moving from 4-digit passcodes to 6-digit passcodes. Why is this important? With traditional 4-digit ones, there are roughly 10,000 combinations a cybercriminal would have to go through to hack, while a 6-digital alphanumeric passcode features 1,000,000 combinations.

See You Next Week

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. If there are any great security stories that you’ve come across that we might’ve missed, be sure to share them with us using the hashtag #InfoSecond. We’ll see ya soon!

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