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91 Percent of All iPhone Users Are Still Exposed to the Ins0mnia and Quicksand Bugs

2015-09-10 02:35

iPhones running older versions of the iOS operating system can put corporate networks at serious risk, according to a Duo Labs research.

With over 700 million iPhones sold worldwide, there are a lot of Apple's phones being used on a daily basis, may them be for personal use, or inside a corporate network where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies apply.

Out of all of these devices, over 50% are running a version of iOS of 8.3 or lower, as the Duo Labs data shows.

Even if iOS 8.3 is relatively new, being only six months old, since its launch, through the release of iOS 8.4 and 8.4.1, Apple fixed an additional number of 100 more bugs and vulnerabilities.

Out of all these bugs there's Ins0mnia and Quicksand, two very severe vulnerabilities, which lead to breaches of personal or business information.

But the bad news don't stop here. Even if Apple released iOS 8.4.1, out of all its users, only 9% upgraded to the latest version.

20 million iPhone users run unsupported iOS versions

Concern is also high since 31% of all iPhones run iOS 8.2 or below, and 14% also run iOS7 or lower. That means that users are missing out on patches that fixed 160 and 230 vulnerabilities, respectively.

But things are about to get even worse in the upcoming years, when Apple will retire and drop iPhone 4S support.

While currently there are over 20 million users, out of the total of 700 million iPhone users, running outdated and unsupported versions of iOS, this number is going to skyrocket to 60 million when iPhone 4S support is stopped.

Organizations need to be very careful about iOS security in the upcoming months, since as the Duo Labs research has shown, users aren't always diligent in updating to the latest available version of iOS.

Lots of users run older iOS versions
Lots of users run older iOS versions

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