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Innovative security research comes to Singapore

2015-09-07 19:25
Hack In The Box is set to host its first HITB GSEC security event in Singapore next month with a 3 day single track conference and an all women fireside chat session held alongside the main conference program.

Aimed at showcasing and highlighting next generation global security issues, keynote speakers for the event feature veterans of the security industry and leading security experts including:
  • Kristin Lovejoy (President of Acuity Solutions)
  • Ofir Arkin (Chief Architect at McAfee)
  • Winn Schwartau (Founder, SecurityExperts.com)
  • Barry Greene (25 year veteran of Internet Security).

The Fireside chat session features 3 prominent women researchers discussing the topic “Raising the Visibility of Female Hackers: Putting the Social Back into Engineering” on the 15th October. The panelists are:
  • Jaya Baloo (Chief Information Security Officer, KPN Telecom)
  • Kana Shinoda (Founder, Code Blue)
  • Kristin Lovejoy (President of Acuity Solutions).
You can register for HITB GSEC here.

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