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The InfoSecond, Aug. 31–Sept. 4: Shifu, CoreBot, Protecting Universities and More!

2015-09-06 14:35

Get caught up with the latest information security news in our latest edition of The InfoSecond.

This week’s entry features stories on a new banking Trojan discovered in Japan, addressing the myths of obvious malware, how security is protecting students and universities from constant attacks, the discovery of new information-stealing malware, and why organizations need better fraud detection capabilities to ensure they’re protecting identities.

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The Obvious Malware Myth: In an ideal world, malware would be easily distinguishable (if it even existed at all!); unfortunately, this is not the world we live in. The good news is that we’ve got four tips for you use to spot malware in your system before it takes over.

Shifu in Japan: It seems like every week there’s another banking Trojan discovered – and this week is no exception with the discovery of the complex Shifu banking Trojan currently attacking 14 Japanese banks.

Protecting Students and Universities: Thanks to a treasure trove of information produced and collected within them, universities are prime targets for cyberattacks. But one thing that’s helping them keep secure, is the culture of information-sharing within the industry.

CoreBot Rises: IBM researchers have discovered and analyzed a brand new information-stealer malware named CoreBot, with the ability to infect employee endpoints to steal passwords.

Growth of Tax Refund Fraud: Stolen identity tax refund fraud and simple refund fraud are expected to result in a loss of 21 billion dollars by 2016, up from 6.5 billion just a few years ago. It’s time for organizations to invest in better fraud detection capabilities to protect identities.

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