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Google Chrome's new feature will automatically group your tabs

2020-09-17 17:22

Tab Groups in Chrome

Last week, Google Chrome's tab groups feature finally started rolling out to all users and it looks like Google has already started working on the next version of tab groups.

Tab groups, which was announced earlier this year, is designed to save you a whole lot of time if you keep dozens of tabs open at once.

Tab groups feature allows you to collect related tabs together and create a cluster of those tabs under a group. These groups, which can be accessed from the context menu, are organized by their name, color, and tab strip. 


Currently, you need to manually create a group and drag open tabs across the group strip to bring them inside the same group. You can tap on the group and set a custom name and choose from eight colors, which is applied across the tab strip.

With the next update, Google is planning to automatically create a tab group if you open multiple tabs with the same domain. For example, if you open 10 pages of Wikipedia, Chrome will be able to automatically create a tab group with all your Wikipedia tabs.

This could keep your browser neatly organized and save your time trying to find the Wikipedia pages.

Tab Groups

The feature is currently available behind a flag named “Tab Groups Auto Create” in Chrome Canary 87.0.4266.0, but it doesn't work at the moment.

Via Techdows

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