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The Godfathers of Virtualization Returning to VMWorld

2017-08-15 17:35
  • Ian Pratt and Simon Crosby sold XenSource to Citrix in 2007.
  • After working at Citrix, they decided to once again spin off and focus on cybersecurity.
  • They are available to meet during VMWorld if you’d like to talk virtualization and security.

We think of them as The Godfathers of Virtualization. They work they did with XenSource lead to what is today’s cloud computing. Bromium co-founders Ian Pratt and Simon Crosby never stopped believing in the power of virtualization. That’s what makes their return to VMWorld so meaningful. It is also what makes our cybersecurity product so solid.

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The secret to virtualization-based security, or application isolation and control as Gartner is now referring to it (the NSA calls application isolation and containment the way forward for government entities), is using the hypervisor to kick off a micro-virtual machine to contain untrusted activities. That’s a complex sentence that essentially means the things you do regularly on your computer – download files, open applications, browse the internet – happen within a container.

If malware is served to you while you’re busy working, it is launched inside the container and can’t escape. Your computer is safe, your files are safe, and as a bonus, the malware can run so the threat team can see who and what are trying to cause damage. Or, you simply close the window you’re working in and bam, the malware is gone. (Funny story: we have a customer whose employees now squeal with delight when they “catch malware”. They leave the window open so they can show their security team what they’ve caught.)

Watch: Ransomware contained in a micro-VM.

We’ve launched over a billion micro-VMs on endpoints that circle the globe and not one customer has yet to report a malware escape. Security built on virtualization can protect against all kinds of threats but also stops those that are hard to prevent like polymorphic malware, zero-day and nation-state attacks. The security is so strong that computing leaders like Microsoft and HP, Inc. are betting on it.

As virtualization experts know, creating a product using virtualization that sits on the chip and uses few lines of code (to limit the threat surface) is a daunting task. We started designing our product for defense customers and so it took a significant amount of work to get a “mainstream ready” product. But we did it. With the release of Bromium Secure Platform 4.0, customers are sharing their excitement. It’s easy to deploy and customers are quickly finding value.

Maybe more importantly, because we protect regular end user tasks, organizations are reporting their teams are now able to focus on getting their work done and not being afraid to click on something. We call it “clicking with confidence”.

Learn: customer stories on TechValidate.

We’ll be in booth #131 at the show and we’re also hosting an exclusive breakfast with Simon and Ian. It’s nearly sold out, but if you’d like to see if there’s still space, contact us and we’ll work to get you in. The Godfathers are also available for meetings that week – complete the information here and we’ll call you to set up a time (they might end up coming after me for that nickname but it seems so perfect). Both Simon and Ian love talking security strategy so this is your chance to get some time with them.

If you aren’t going to the show but would like to learn more, contact us for a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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