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Security Affairs newsletter Round 122 – News of the week

2017-08-06 10:05

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

·      Apple removed iOS VPN apps from Chinese App Store in compliance to censorship law
·      Bypassing locking mechanisms of a smart gun with $15 worth of magnets
·      DEF CON 25 – BBC Micro:bit could be used to hijack a drone
·      Security Affairs newsletter Round 121 – News of the week
·      DEF CON Voting Village – Hackers easily pwned US voting machines
·      Hackers leaked data from alleged Mandiant FireEye ‘breach under #OpLeakTheAnalyst.
·      Microsoft wont patch the 20-year-old SMBv1 SMBloris flaw disclosed at DEF CON conference
·      OpenAI Gym – A machine learning system creates ‘invisible malware
·      CopyFish Extension for Chrome Stolen And Updated With Trojan Adware
·      HBO Hacked again, Game of Thrones Script Leaked on the Internet
·      Pharmaceutical giant Merck confirmed NotPetya attack disrupted operations worldwide
·      Security flaws affect TCUs used in BMW, Ford, Infiniti, and Nissan vehicles
·      TOPransom: From eMail Attachment to Powning the Attackers Database
·      ICS-CERT Issues Warning of CAN Bus Vulnerability
·      Roughly 175,000 Chinese Internet Connected security cameras can be easily hacked
·      The Svpeng Trojan continues to evolve, the last variant includes keylogger capabilities
·      Former Bupa employee offered 1 million customer records for sale on dark web
·      New TrickBot banking Trojan variant borrows spreading capabilities from Wannacry
·      The bateleur backdoor is the new weapon in the Carbank gangs arsenal
·      WannaCry Hero Marcus Hutchins was detained in Las Vegas after Def Con conference
·      Wikileaks – CIA Dumbo tool allows agents to disable security cameras
·      Black Hat 2017 – GitPwnd tool could be used by attackers to communicate with compromised devices via Git repositories
·      Cisco fixes DoS, Authentication Bypass issues with its products and OSPF flaw
·      Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Crypto weakening: Crypto War 2.0
·      Microsoft Attempts To Fix Stuxnet For The Third Time
·      UK malware researcher Marcus Hutchins accused of creating Kronos Trojan
·      South Korean investigators confirmed National Intelligence Service interference in 2012 election
·      Wannacry authors make a $143,000 withdraw from Bitcoin wallets, whilst the internet is distracted!
·      WannaCry Hero Marcus Hutchins pleads not guilty to malware claims

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