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Web.com hacked, at least 93,000 credit card data exposed

2015-08-21 12:40

The US-based web hosting company Web.com has been Hacked, it admitted that credit card information of 93,000 customers have been compromised.

Web.com is the last victim of a data breach, the US-based web hosting company has up to 3.3 Million customers. According the first news circulating in the Internet the hackers may have compromised personal information and credit card data belonging to 93,000 of Web.com ‘s clients.

Web.com discovered the breach while conducting ordinary security monitoring and shutdown process, the company confirmed that unknown hackers breached one of its servers on August 13 and accessed customers’ data.

“Web.com, (Nasdaq:WWWW) reported that it discovered an unauthorized breach of one of its computer systems on August 13, 2015. As the result of this attack, the credit card information of approximately 93,000 customers (of the company’s over 3.3 million customers) may have been compromised. The company uncovered the unauthorized activity through its ongoing security monitoring. The company immediately reported the attack to credit card processors and the proper federal and state authorities.” reports the official statement released by Web.com.

The stolen data includes:

  • Credit Card information
  • Actual Names associated with the payment cards
  • Residential Addresses

According to the company no other information belonging to its customers, such as Social Security numbers, Verification Codes for the exposed credit cards, was exposed by the cyber attack.

At the time I was writing  there are no other details on the incident, for example, it is not clear how hackers compromised the company server and if the stolen data was encrypted.

The impact of the data breach was serious with repercussion on the value of its shares after the disclosure of the incident.

web.com value

Web.com reported the cyber crime to law enforcement which are currently investigating the data breach.

However, neither the company mentioned whether the stolen data was encrypted, nor it said how hackers were able to accessed its customers’ data.

“The security of our customer information is a high priority for Web.com,” Web.com CEO and Chairman David L. Brown stated in a statement. “Our goals are simple –to protect our clients from the Internet attacks and, in the event that an attack succeeds, to fix the [issue] immediately.”

Web.com has already notified the incident to its customers via email, it will also provide Free Credit-Monitoring Protection for one-year to users affected by the intrusion.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Web.com, data breach)

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