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More patches! This time from Apple to Safari, OS X and OS X server, (Thu, Aug 13th)

2015-08-14 05:40

Apple released today patches for the following software:

  • OS X Server v4.1.5: Updated BIND to address CVE-2015-5477.
  • iOS 8.4.1: Updated AppleFileConduit for CVE-2015-5746, Air Traffic for CVE-2015-5766, Backup for CVE-2015-5752, bootp for CVE-2015-3778, Certificate UI for CVE-2015-3756, CloudKit for CVE-2015-3782, CFPreferences for CVE-2015-3793, Code Signing for CVE-2015-3806, CVE-2015-3803, CVE-2015-3802, CVE-2015-3805, CoreMedia Playback for CVE-2015-5777 and CVE-2015-5778, CoreText forCVE-2015-5755 andCVE-2015-5761, DiskImages forCVE-2015-3800, FontParser forCVE-2015-3804,CVE-2015-5756,CVE-2015-5775, ImageIO for">OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and Security Update 2015-006: Updates apache for CVE-2014-3581, CVE-2014-3583, CVE-2014-8109, CVE-2015-0228, CVE-2015-0253, CVE-2015-3183, CVE-2015-3185, apache_mod_php for CVE-2015-2783, CVE-2015-2787, CVE-2015-3307, CVE-2015-3329, CVE-2015-3330, CVE-2015-4021, CVE-2015-4022, CVE-2015-4024, CVE-2015-4025, CVE-2015-4026, CVE-2015-4147, CVE-2015-4148, Apple ID OD Plugin for CVE-2015-3799, AppleGraphicsControl for CVE-2015-5768, bluetooth for CVE-2015-3779,CVE-2015-3780,CVE-2015-3786,CVE-2015-3787,CVE-2015-3777,bootp for CVE-2015-3778, CloudKit for CVE-2015-3782, CoreMedia Playback for CVE-2015-5777, CVE-2015-5778, CoreText for CVE-2015-5761, CVE-2015-5755, curl for CVE-2014-3613, CVE-2014-3620, CVE-2014-3707, CVE-2014-8150, CVE-2014-8151, CVE-2015-3143, CVE-2015-3144, CVE-2015-3145, CVE-2015-3148, CVE-2015-3153, Data Detectors Engine for CVE-2015-5750, Date ">Safari 8.0.8, Safari 7.1.8, and Safari 6.2.8: Updated Safari Application forCVE-2015-3729, WebKit forCVE-2015-3730, CVE-2015-3731, CVE-2015-3732, CVE-2015-3733, CVE-2015-3734, CVE-2015-3735, CVE-2015-3736, CVE-2015-3737, CVE-2015-3738, CVE-2015-3739, CVE-2015-3740 , CVE-2015-3741, CVE-2015-3742, CVE-2015-3743, CVE-2015-3744, CVE-2015-3745, CVE-2015-3746, CVE-2015-3747, CVE-2015-3748, CVE-2015-3749,CVE-2015-3750,CVE-2015-3751,CVE-2015-3752, WebKit Canvas forCVE-2015-3753,WebKit Page Loading for CVE-2015-3754, WebKit Process Model for CVE-2015-3755.

You should, as always, perform test and then deploy in production.

Manuel Humberto Santander Pelez
SANS Internet Storm Center - Handler
Twitter: @manuelsantander
e-mail: msantand at isc dot sans dot org

(c) SANS Internet Storm Center. https://isc.sans.edu Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

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