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Your Security Policy Is So Lame, (Sun, Aug 2nd)

2015-08-02 13:50

Every person should avoid lame security policies because of the lack of clarity they leave behind. Often times we find ourselves forced into creating security policies due to compliance requirements. Is there a way to lean into this requirement and get value beyond the checkbox? I certainly think so and would like to share some ideas on how you can do this as well.
">I personally avoided being the policy guy">">The following are several tips and tricks you can use to make sure you move from no good to great security policies.">">">
  • Do not ask anyone to memorize your security policies. Why waste time memorizing a reference document? Spend your time doing something meaningful instead, such as reviewing ways to implement the 20 Security Controls">">
    • Do not have too many security policies. I recommend you hold up both hands right now and wiggle your fingers as you consider how many security policies you might actually need. I">">">">">">
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