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GreyNoise Raises $4.8 Million in Seed Funding to Combat Alert Fatigue

2020-08-04 18:12

GreyNoise Intelligence, a startup focused on helping security teams reduce alert fatigue, has raised nearly $5 million in seed investment to help the company expand its intelligence service that helps teams “prioritize alerts that matter by quieting ones that don’t.”

Using hundreds of nodes around the internet, the company collects, analyzes and labels mass internet scan and attack activity into a feed of what it calls “

Anti-Threat Intelligence

”. By analyzing this activity, the company filters noise generated by mass scanners, search engines, bots, worms, and crawlers.

GreyNoise Funding“This context helps security teams reduce noise and prioritize signal - targeted attacks against their organization,” the company explains.

Andrew Morris, Founder of GreyNoise Intelligence, told SecurityWeek that the company has taken $4.8 million in seed investment led by CRV with participation from Paladin Capital Group and angel investors

Oliver Friedrichs


Ron Gula

, and

Sounil Yu

, the former Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America. 

“Every single dollar of this investment will go towards building a better product for all of our community users and enterprise customers,” Morris wrote via Twitter.

In April, GreyNoise introduced GreyNoise Alerts, a free service that alerts organizations when suspicious activity is identified on their network.


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