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US Voters Consider Russia the Largest Security Risk to Elections

2017-07-13 17:25
Nearly half of US voters believe Russia is the largest security risk for elections in the nation, according to a survey.

A wide swath of US voters believe Russia "will be back" to influence the outcome of the nation's elections, according to a Carbon Black survey.

The poll of 5,000 US voters finds 44% of survey participants hold this view, while only 45% believe their states and voting districts have the capability to safeguard their voting information.

The results come amid the backdrop of Congressional testimony by former FBI Director James Comey, who told a Senate committee he has "no doubt" the Russian government was involved in hacking emails of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Some 45% of survey respondents suspect the mid-term elections next year will be influenced by cyberattacks, with 27% of voters considering taking a pass at hitting the voter booths because of cybersecurity concerns.

Read more about the survey results here.

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