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Hacker Interviews – Mr Xer

2016-07-17 20:30

Today, thanks to the support of Sneaker, I have interviewed the hacker that goes online with the pseudonym of Mr Xer .

I’m continuing to interview hackers that try to destroy the online propaganda of the Islamic State, people that are involved in a silent battle that many people still ignore.

Today I’ll present you Mr Xer, enjoy the interview!

Mr.Xer hacker interviews


You are one of the hackers that silently every day fights to destroy IS activities online, could you tell me which his your technical background and when you started hacking? 

Did you know that it only takes 20 hours to learn a subject? Now learning a subject for 20 hours does not make you an expert. To become an expert it takes years, and I have spent the last 3 years learning the ways of hacking.

As for my technical background, I was taught by a few black hats and lots of books. I spend a lot of my time in the pursuit of knowledge, so my skill range is large. I don’t focus too much on a specific subject because I do not like to stay in one place.

What was your greatest hacking challenge?

Well, I suppose taking out a large botnet. The botnet’s focus was to scam/blackmail on social media (Kik, Twitter, and others) It was brought to my attention when a family member was blackmailed by it.

The botmaster bought 50 bots on the dark web and set them up to run a script that would S.E. someone for private pictures, then black mail them with the pictures.

I took the C&C away from the botmaster, and handed it off to an another anon friend of mine.

Do you think that IS militant are exploiting Dark Nets and other covert channels for communication? Which ones?

I got to say yes on this. IS is being hunted by many private and government agencies. (Anonymous and GS falls into this category)

We are attacking them too, forcing ISIS members to hide. They can no longer hide on the surface web. We have proved this on many social platforms.

IS militants have flocked to  encryption, and anonymity to survive. What they don’t know is we have been in the anonymity game, and we know how to exploit the weaknesses.

Which are the most interesting hacking communities on the web today?

The ones you don’t see <p><hr/></p>
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