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Hacker Interviews – WauchulaGhost, a Ghost that hacks for our children

2016-07-17 02:15

Enjoy the interview with WauchulaGhost (@wauchulaghost), one of the most active hackers in the fight against the IS online.

Military, law enforcement, and hackers have the same the same goal, disrupt the propaganda activities managed by the Islamic State and interfere with IS daily functions, like paying its fighters.

There is a silent cyber army of volunteers that every day hunts IS members online, WauchulaGhost is one of these silent warriors.

Recently he took over a large number of Twitter accounts belonging to the IS replacing the profile pictures of the hacked IS Twitter accounts with porn pictures displaying text like ‘I Love Porn.’

The vast majority of Twitter accounts targeted by the hackers were from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria.

I don’t want to tell you more … enjoy the interview with WauchulaGhost:


Hi WauchulaGhost, first of all, thank you. You are one of the hackers that every day silently fights to destroy IS activities online, could you tell me which his your technical background and when you started hacking?

I would say it started years ago when I first purchased a computer. I knew a little about them and had always been curious as to how they worked. After purchasing I took it home and disassembled it completely. Of course, it didn’t work when I reassembled it.

Needless to say, it went back. The tech looked at it then looked at me and invited me back into his lab. A week later I was building and programming PC’s and learning as I went. I enjoyed it so it’s something I kept going with eventually building websites for companies and now I run multiple networks, Email servers, Online payment systems etc. At night I become the Ghost. People ask why? I can only say for the people, for the future of this world, our children. The world today is a very sad place and seems to be getting worse. If we can improve things, change things or even save lives then we have succeeded. In the past year, we have done that. While in my former group, we assisted in preventing a Terrorist attack. 17 people were arrested. We just want to make the world a little better. Islamic State has become a nightmare for the world and I will do what I can to slow their progress.

What was your greatest hacking challenge?

Not getting caught would be #1. Not all hackers will identify their challenges and for good reasons. The best hackers are the ones who never brag about what they have done. Bragging will only get you caught. I’m pretty quiet about what I do, how I do it and what tools I use. Again, I’m not like most. I tend to stay to myself. Even in public. I pretty much work then go straight home. I hate loud busy places. My preference is a quiet dark place, the Ghost Den <p><hr/></p>
     <p>Source: <a  href=lmth.tsohgaluhcuaw-sweivretni-rekcah/gnikcah/59394/sserpdrow/oc.sriaffaytiruces

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