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Anonymous Leaks Data from South Africa's Arms Acquisition Agency

2016-07-12 07:20

Anonymous has hacked and leaked data from Armscor, South Africa's official arms procurement agency, in charge of supplying the South African Department of Defence with weapons and military equipment.

The hackers published the data on Sunday night on a website on the Dark Web. The attack was the work of the same person who dumped data from Kenya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the end of April.

Besides the actual data, the hacker also included screenshots of Armscor's invoice management system's administration panel.

No user details included, only supplier invoice information

Unlike most breaches today, the data didn't contain any sort of user credentials or personal information. The hacker only uncovered data about the company's transactions with various suppliers.

There were database tables that included a list of invoices for suppliers such as Siemens, Boeing, BAE Systems, Saab, the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS, or Airbus), Rolls Royce, Panasonic, Glock Technologies, Thales Avionics, Microsoft, fellow South African company Denel, and many other more.

For each company, there was data included such as invoice/order numbers, invoice amounts, dates (transaction, invoice, received), cheque numbers, check dates, and problem codes. Supplier details such as addresses were also included, but in another table.

Data leak was part of #OpAfrica

As you can see, most of the data is operational information, enough to give journalists and investigators a lead on the agency's ongoing business relations.

Despite the limited release, it is obvious that the hacker managed to gain full control of the database, and he may soon release more data if he ever wishes to.

The data dump is part of Anonymous' OpAfrica campaign, which started this January and during which the group hacked and leaked data from multiple African countries, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and especially South Africa.

Screenshot of the data dump
Screenshot of the data dump

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