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AppSensor Guide v2.0.2

2015-07-28 16:35

I have published an updated version of the OWASP AppSensor Guide, the guide to application-specific real time attack detection and response.

Cover from the OWASP AppSensor Guide v2.0.2 published on 27th July 2015

The v2.0.2 AppSensor Guide is available free of charge digitally in DOC and PDF formats, and in print at cost from Lulu.

This is a minor update that includes:

  • Reference the extensive work on the reference code implementation undertaken since the v2.0.1 guide was published in May 2014
  • Changes due to further peer review
  • Alterations based on feedback while writing the CISO Briefing
  • Fix spelling and grammatical errors
  • Added missed and new additional contributors' names
  • Added information on more recent presentations that mention AppSensor
  • Comments added about the related product category Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
  • Checked and updated reference source hyperlinks
  • Removal of commercial implementation references
  • Cover design modified slightly for consistency with the CISO Briefing.

All the edits are shown with track changes on, in another word processing document.

The AppSensor Guide complements information on the AppSensor microsite, the Introduction for Developers flyer and the CISO Briefing. Copies will be available at AppSec USA in September.

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