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The InfoSecond + Mobility Minute: July 20-24

2015-07-28 08:40

A new week means we’ve got a brand new edition of The InfoSecond for you to catch up with!

Watch and read this latest entry to hear about our top stories, including features on the enterprise’s aptly named boogeyman, four critical issues for mobile app security, how to stop a crazy ex – employee that is, and a ton more.

Let’s Get Into It, Shall We?

Identity Governance: Too many users have access to sensitive data that they really shouldn’t, which leaves organizations at risk for malicious or inadvertent breaches. Check out our new infographic on the topic to see how identity governance can save your organization time and money while securing your environment.

Ransomware: The 21st Century’s Boogeyman: Ransomware in a growing problem in today’s threat landscape, but organizations can prepare for and prevent this type of malware from becoming a nightmare.

4 Critical Issues for Mobile App Sec: Securing your mobile workforce in this age of BYOD isn’t an easy task. But, we have four measures that’ll help you get cracking with it.

Windows XP Malware: There are 180 million PCs around the world using Windows XP. And that’s 180 million PCs that are incredibly vulnerable for zero-day attacks and other difficult to avoid threats.

What Sci-Fi Movies Can Teach Us about IAM: Like the plot of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or They Came From Outer Space, businesses need to be wary of mischievous impersonators in the enterprise, particularly those inside your IT environments, in order to prevent breaches and thwart insider attacks.

Stat of the Week: Nobody likes to deal with a crazy ex…and that’s no different for businesses. A new study revealed that 45% of ex-employees claimed they still had access to their former company’s sensitive info through old credentials.

Looking for more mobile security news? In that case, we’re glad to announce…

The Mobility Minute is Back!

You may notice that the format of the series is a bit different this time. Well, considering we are called the Mobility Minute, we should deliver what we say: a recap of the top mobile stories from the week – in 60 seconds.

We’ve got a pretty jam-packed episode featuring stories on unmanaged devices, mobile app security, mobile transforming retail and new IBM and Apple apps.

Unmanaged Mobile Device Worries: Organizations can’t get by on simply managing devices anymore. It’s time to integrate Mobile Threat Management into your EMM solution to help identify risk, detect malware, and more.

4 Issues for Mobile App Security: Securing your mobile workforce in this current age of BYOD is no simple task, but we’ve got four measures that’ll help you get started right now.

Transforming Retail with Mobile: Mobile has made it easier for retailers and wholesalers to move products faster and increase satisfaction, but advances bring more risk in the supply chains. Learn how EMM is helping curb these risks with our latest on-demand webinar.

New Apps from Apple & IBM: The Apple and IBM app partnership has delivered 10 new mobile apps this week, featuring apps designed for business travelers, field workers, the mortgage industry and more.

See You Next Week                                            

Thanks for stopping by to read and watch. Be sure to let us know about what you think of the new format, and send us any top mobile and cybersecurity stories we might’ve missed, using #MobilityMinute and #InfoSecond on Twitter. Until next time!

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