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RainbowCrack Plugin for Oracle hashes (<=10g)

2015-07-22 13:45
Hello everyone,

RainbowCrack (http://project-rainbowcrack.com/) doesn't implement Oracle
hashes <=10g (7-10g R2) in last versions.

There is a plugin for RainbowCrack that implements this algorithm:
This plugin can be used to:
- generate Oracle rainbow tables with a fixed username (ex: SYS).
- crack Oracle hashes.

I have tested this plugin with the latest version of RainbowCrack (1.6.1)
on Linux: generation of some rainbow tables and cracking.
Multithreading during the generation and the cracking of hashes is very

Notice that Oracle hashes <=10g are still in latest versions of Oracle
Databases (ex: 11g) in the table SYS.USER$.
Consequently, to crack Oracle hashes >=11g, you can crack Oracle hashes
<=10g (case insensitive) and after Oracle hashes >=11g (case sensitive).

Soon, I will create a torrent for some Oracle rainbow tables generated with
the SYS user.

Good day (or good night) for all,

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