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Security Affairs newsletter Round 18 – Best of the week from best sources

2015-07-19 15:25

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles from the best sources free for you in your email box.

A new Zero-Day Vulnerability arises from Hacking Team hack
Hacking Team Another Flash Zero-Day: CVE-2015-5122
Hacking Team by Numbers – The Infographic
Hacking Team chief: Were the GOOD GUYS fighting crims and rooting out lone wolves
Israeli Singer Jailed for Hacking Madonna Emails
Gamer Drugged His Girlfriend So He Could Play Xbox for a Few More Hours
DEA agent slugged a MEELLION dollars for Silk Road snipe
China makes internet shut-downs official with new security law
Hacking Team supported Italian Special Operations Group with BGP Routing Hijack
UAE Police Nab Nigerians for Hacking US Accounts
Europol and Spanish police dismantled a very active cyber gang
Cloudminr Mining Service hacked, DB available online for 1 Bitcoin
Google Photo App Uploads Your Images To Cloud, Even After Uninstalling
1 Million Android Users were infected by Gaming Apps
Cyberespionage group Pawn Storm uses exploit for unpatched Java flaw
CrowdStrike Raises $100 Million in Series C Funding
Telegram messaging app cops 200Gbps DDoS
Here’s how Hacking Team was selling products as RCS
Morpho group goes after corporate IP
Uninstalled Google Photos? Thought your pics safe from slurping? WRONG, bozo
Malvertising reaches record levels in June
Java Zero-day vulnerability exploited in the Wild
Tour de France leader Chris Froome has had his data hacked, claims Team Sky
Hacking Team broke Bitcoin secrecy by targeting crucial wallet file
Hacking Team Spyware preloaded with UEFI BIOS Rootkit to Hide Itself
Cybersecurity Gains Higher Profile Among Chief Financial Officers
TeslaCrypt 2.0 disguised as CryptoWall
Seaduke, another weapon in the Duke arsenal
Hacking Team, the third Flash Zero-Day is out: CVE-2015-5123
FLASH MUST DIE, says Facebook security chief
MS kills critical IE 11 bug after exploit was shopped to Hacking Team
Most Ransomwares Not So Bad
Lead, follow, or get out of the way of cloud
The German Government wants to improve resilience from cyber-attacks
Proxyham Wi-Fi relay SUPPRESSED. CONSPIRACY, yowl tinfoilers
Butterfly group goes after corporate IP
Adobe: Honestly, we REALLY are taking Flash security seriously
Microsoft kills A-V updates for XP, exposes 180 MEEELLION luddites
Salesforce unleashes red-tape-as-a-service for regulation-heavy users
Hacking Team Spyware uses a UEFI BIOS Rootkit to gain persistence
Hacking Team will be back to business soon
HTML5 Features Efficient for Web Exploit Obfuscation: Researchers
Hacking Team CEO insists tools were not compromised
Report: Malvertisers now using SSL redirects
Cloud service brokers help direct you through the traffic
Ubuntu PC maker System76 abandons Flash, says it’s too dangerous
Epic Games Resets Passwords Following Forum Breach
Notorious Cybercrime Underground Forum Infiltrated By FBI And Shut Down
ProxyHam’s early demise gives way to new and improved privacy devices
FBI paid Hacking Team to identify Tor users
Dozens arrested in international Darkode crackdown
TeslaCrypt 2.0 ransomware comes with significant improvements
Minidionis – one more APT with a usage of cloud drives
One of the Epic Games Forums has been hacked
Your security is just dandy, Apple Pay, but here comes Android
The newest RC4 attack is a nightmare for certain HTTPS implementations
RC4 Attacks Increasingly Practical, Feasible: Researchers
Windows 10: youll get UPDATES LIKE IT or NOT – unless you have Enterprise Edition
A former intern at FireEye accused for Dendroid RAT developing
Cyber Attack on Power Grid Could Top $1 Trillion in Damage: Report
Dyre Malware Gang Targets Spanish Banks
British teenager sentenced for massive Spamhaus attack
Authentication Bypass Bug Hits Siemens Energy Automation Device
New point-of-sale malware distributed by Andromeda botnet
Microsoft Patches Office Zero-Day Bug Used by APT Group
TotoLink Routers Plagued By XSS, CSRF, RCE Bugs
Dozens of phone apps with 300M downloads vulnerable to password cracking
600 MEELLION apps open to brute force account guessing
New GamaPoS Malware served by the Andromeda Botnet
Wicked WikiLeaks leaks considered harmful: Alert over malware lurking in dumped docs
Windows 10 updates to be automatic and mandatory for Home users
Ad networks beware; Google raises Red Screen of malware Dearth
Running SAP? Checked for patches lately? Nows a good time
Hacking Team’s evil Android app had code to bypass Google Play screening
AARNet warns of draconian overreach in telco regulation
U.S. Vuln Research, Pen Test Firms Protest Impending Export Controls
Brit school software biz unchains lawyers after crappy security exposed
Samy Kamkar’s ProxyGambit Picks Up for Defunct ProxyHam
Google Play Checks Bypassed by Hacking Team Android Backdoor
Hacking Team apparently violated EU rules in sale of spyware to Russian agency
Phishing attacks targeting government agencies linked to Hacking Team breach
CVS shutters photo website in credit-card hack attack scare
UK man accused of hacking spree on US government is arrested (again)
Hackers invade systems holding medical files on 4.5 million Cali patients
UCLA detects intrusion, but doubts data was actually accessed
Cyber-securitys dirty little secret: Its not as bad as you think
WhatsApp, Viber and Skype Internet Calls may No Longer be FREE in India
Like It Or Not… You Cant Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates
UCLA Health hospitals confirmed data breach that involved 4.5 million records
NSA Releases SIMP, An Open Source Network Security Tool
iOS crash warnings scam targeted iPhone and iPad users in US and UK

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