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The InfoSecond: July 13-17

2015-07-19 14:20

Information security news develops and moves at a blistering pace. Blink and you might miss it.

That’s precisely why we’ve developed The InfoSecond, a new weekly series dedicated to recapping the week’s best stories in brief so you can be best prepared to tackle the myriad of challenges that could impact your enterprise each week. The series will consist of weekly articles, video, and audio (podcast coming soon) on news around mobile and cyber security – and everything in between – enabling you to rapidly digest critical information in the format that works best for you.

In our first entry, we’re highlighting breaking news around Dyre Malware targeting Spanish banks, exploring the dangers of the dark web, tackling the threats posed to organizations by mobile malware, uncovering insider threats, and much more.

Top Security Stories for the Week

Dyre Malware’s Summer in Spain: The dangerous Dyre malware is lurking in Spain, targeting 17 Spanish banks and their corporate clients, and stealing up to $1.5 million per transaction. Learn all about this dangerous malware and it’s evolution, as well as hear recommendations from our experts on what you can do to protect your organization in this in-depth article.

Mobile Malware Threats in 2015: 2015 is halfway done, and cybercriminals are finding themselves with the upper hand in the mobile malware battle with organizations. The shift in attacks on mobile, and the increasing array of sophisticated attacks, poses a significant risk to organizations and users. With user complacency and lack of consumer awareness gateways to corporate attacks, we have 4 tips for your users to consider to avoid being infected.

Dangers of the Dark Web: The dark web, a murky section of the internet not indexed by search engines and often a harbor for criminal activity, might not seem like a place organizations want to be, but being aware of what’s happening is critically important. That’s because sensitive data about your users and organization could be for sale there. Fortunately, we’ve put together a report outlining the how and why you may be at risk, as well as what you can do to protect yourself.

Massively Distributed APT Malware Threats: There’s a serious new threat quickly growing for enterprises and it’s massively distributed ATP malware. To learn more about what it is, how it works and who it might affect, we’ve created a brand new infographic showcasing just how serious it is. Take a look today!

Battle of the CONferences: Which Las Vegas security conference do you think is the best bet this summer: DEF CON or Black Hat? Let us know throughout the week using the #InfoSecond!

Battling Security Threats from Within: Did you know that 55% of attackers are insiders to a corporation? Uncover the top insider threats, find out the damages and losses they can cause, and discover what you can do to protect your organization with this helpful article.

See You Next Week

We’ll be back with another edition next week but in the meantime, be sure to tweet out any infosec news we might’ve missed (and feedback!) using the hashtag #InfoSecond.

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