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PowerBroker for Windows v6.8: New Enhancements to Simplify Deployments and Management

2015-07-17 16:25
Posted July 17, 2015   Scott Lang


We’re pleased to announce the availability of PowerBroker for Windows version 6.8, released today and building on patented least privilege management capabilities. This release is packed with enhancements meant to further simplify least privilege management and deployments. Read on to learn what’s new.

Suppress Logging on Rule Trigger Simplifies Event Management

Sometimes the volume of events generated can quickly become overwhelming to analyze and manage. Although important to understand events and activity, isolating what you are looking for should be a fast and simple process.

With enhancements in PowerBroker for Windows version 6.8, administrators can reduce the volume of events generated when a rule applies to an application. Combined with event suppressions already available in PowerBroker for Windows, this helps to further reduce “noise” when trying to match data to actionable events. The setting can be found in the Options section of a Privilege Identity rule’s properties as “Log rule match event to management console.”

Combined Policy Editor and Client Installs Simplify Deployments

When rolling out support for 64-bit, PowerBroker for Windows formerly required four (4) installers – including those supporting 32-bit machines. With PowerBroker for Windows version 6.8, there are only two (2) installers combined by function (Policy Editor or Client Software). The result is that administrators can now push a single installer (as an executable) to a mixed environment of 32 and 64-bit end points, simplifying deployments and management.

The PowerBroker for Windows version 6.8 release makes significant improvements to the management and deployment of the solution. In addition to the above mentioned enhancements, version 6.8 also includes:

  • An updated rules library to assist in initial and in-place deployments
  • Performance enhancements in the Policy Editor
  • Re-sized Policy Editor, providing an enhanced view of policies and settings
  • Re-named PowerBroker for Windows Snap-In to PowerBroker Policy Editor
  • Updated platforms to the Policy Editor, and deprecated Windows 2003 Server (all versions) and Windows Vista (all versions)

Check out the New Features document to learn more about these new capabilities. If you would like demo, contact us today!

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